EUSAS e.V. has established contacts to a number of important institutes, organisations and leading companies in Europe. Most of them became associated members and support the principles and ideas of EUSAS e.V. Some of their employees became ordinary members and support EUSAS e.V. with their experience.

Furthermore, EUSAS e.V. has established good contact to EURALARM, the European Association of Manufacturers and Installers of Alarm Systems. Both associations try to work together in creating workshops and other public events dealing with subjects of mutual interests.

Another very important contact exists with the Universität Duisburg-Essen, where the founding father of EUSAS e.V. and former Honorary President of EUSAS e.V., Prof. Dr. Heinz Luck, held a professorship in Telecommunications Engineering for many years. Regrettably, he passed away in May 2014. Prof. Dr. Ingolf Willms works at the same institute. Their activities in the field of fire detection technology became known globally by the AUBE conferences which were supported by EUSAS e.V.


EUSAS e.V. is proud to sponsor the “Freundeskreis Berufsfeuerwehr Duisburg e.V.” (a society which supports the professional fire brigade in Duisburg) with a small contribution. Educational books on fire protection will be bought for Kindergarten/pre-school children by this society ( For further information please click here.