The "EUSAS Journal and Newsletter" are the official publication organs of EUSAS e.V.. Mainly, reports of EUSAS e.V. events, e.g. workshops, conferences and meetings, are published. Furthermore, announcements of coming events are made. However, the journal can also be used by members to publish an article (Directives for preparation of papers). He only has to send a copy or a manuscript to Prof. Willms, who after the approval of the Executive Committee takes it into the next issue.

Furthermore, room is reserved in a special column under the title "The member's viewpoint". Here a member can express his personal opinion regarding certain developments in the field and may raise questions which could be answered by another member. The "EUSAS Journals/Newsletters" are not issued periodically. They appear depending on the information available.

  • EUSAS e.V. members can download the jounals/newsletters from the restricted members area.
  • Non members can order the journals/newsletters at Prof. Dr. Ingolf Willms () either on CD-ROM or printed. The price amounts to € 50.00 plus postal charges

The Conference Proceedings of the AUBE, also those from previous conferences, can be purchased. The price of the proceedings depends on the year of publication and is available on request. Please contact  for more information.

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