EUSAS e.V. is the European Society for Automatic Alarm Systems e.V.. It provides a European platform for promoting fire protection and security comprising fire detection, extinguishing, intrusion detection, access control and video monitoring.

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What led to the foundation of EUSAS?

In most areas of science and technology scientists and engineers benefit from platforms such as science conferences and workshops to exchange ideas and discuss latest scientific and technological advances. These information exchanges, notably also between academic and industry representatives, are an established and important component in networking the science and engineering community, and it is well recognized that they have a positive impact for the development of new and innovative technologies and products and the growth of the markets of interest. In turn the customer benefits from better products and services.

In the field of electronic life safety and security systems the AUBE conference offers such a platform. This conference developed from a discussion workshop on automatic fire detection (Automatische Brandentdeckung) to a conference on electronic fire and security systems of international recognition. The AUBE only takes place on average every three years, i.e. a time sequence rather long compared to the innovation cycles of today. This conference also tends to become quite a big and formal event with tight time schedules that make informal and in depth discussions rather difficult.

In recognition of these circumstances the European Society for Automatic Alarm Systems e.V. (EUSAS e.V.), with headquarters in Germany, was founded on December 11, 1989, to offer the stakeholders of the electronic fire and security systems industry a platform for a more frequent exchange and discussion on relevant topics in a conducive environment. In 2007, EUSAS e.V. was founded and took over the operational business of EUSAS (including its members) from January 1, 2008.

Please look here for more information about the history and recent activities of EUSAS e.V.: EUSAS e.V. History (PDF, 154 KB).