Honorary members are individuals who, to the satisfaction of the executive committee, have supported the objectives of the society in an outstanding manner.

As per November 2006 honorary membership has been granted to:

  •     Heinrich Herbster, Germany
  •     Luzius Hug, Switzerland
  •     Johann Kaiser, Austria
  •     Gerd Linden, Germany †
  •     Rudolf Mägerle, Switzerland †
  •     John F. Middleton, United Kingdom †
  •     Andreas Scheidweiler, Switzerland
  •     Gennaro Sica, Italy
  •     Wolfgang Steinkellner, Austria
  •     Peer Thilo, Germany

As per May 2011 the status of an honorary president has been granted to:

Prof. Dr. Heinz Luck †

European Society for Automatic Alarm Systems e.V. (EUSAS e.V.)
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